Tenant Loans

Many guarantor loan lender require your guarantor to be a home owner, limiting options for those of us who`s guarantor may be a tenant. Here at online guarantor loan we help give you access to multiple guarantor lenders, including those of which who do have loan options for none homeowners.

Guarantor LenderIn today’s world after the credit crunch and many years of people struggling to get a mortgage, many of us have decided that renting is preferred to home ownership.

We have guarantor lenders who offer a non-homeowner guarantor borrowing option, helping you borrow the money you require. Guarantor loans can be used for almost any purpose, popular uses include buying a new car, carrying out home improvements, getting married, taking a vacation these are the most popular but by no means an exhaustive list of what you are able to spend the loan money on.

Guarantor loans with a tenant guarantor allows you to borrow up to £7,000, and because of the nature of guarantor loans they are often available for those of us who may have found it difficult arranging finance in the past, people with bad credit profiles, ccjs or existing debts, so even if you have been refused a loan in the past, a loan with a guarantor may be a possibility.

If you havn`t got a guarantor yet then there is a long list of people who may stand guarantor for you, including friends and family, your partner or even a work colleague. With the fact that our loan providers accept tenants the list of possible guarantors is much greater.

If you are looking for a no obligation quote please complete our simple online enquiry form. The online application loan process is fast and simple and marks the first step to you getting your money that you need.

Unsecured Personal Loans

Looking for a loan up to £15,000? Use the online guarantor loan FREE unsecured loans search tool. Enter your details and we will search a selection of leading unsecured loan providers to help you find a plan.

Borrow from £1,000 up to £15,000
Giving our visitors access to a large number of personal loans not only available for home owners but also have loan plans that accepts tenant applicants.

Low Cost Personal Loans

What determines a competitive low interest rate at any given time will depend on the loans market. Generally, it will be affected by the current Bank of England base rate, the availability of credit in the market, and the demand for loans at any given time. Your individual circumstances will also determine what interest rate you may receive.

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Loans For Any Purpose

Our personal loans and guarantor loans can be used for almost any purpose, from funding a vacation, moving home, purchasing a new car, getting married, whatever you need finance for why not contact us today and start the loan process.