Secured Loans

Secured LoansUsed to borrow larger amounts secured loans can help you borrow up to £100,000. Because of the larger amounts secured loans secured on your property similar to a mortgage, making them also known as second mortgages.

Secured loans are available for many different purposes, including buying a new car, taking a vacation or debt consolidation amongst many other loan purposes.

With a panel of secured loan lenders we are able to help in a variety of different circumstance, all loan quotes are free and we will help you through the secured loan process from beginning to end.

Offering thousands of various secured loan plans that are ideal for raising capital for home improvements, and increasing the value of your home., buying a new car, going on vacation or consolidating your debts.

Whatever your circumstance we could help you find a home loan for almost any purpose such as home improvement, conservatories, extensions or a new kitchen, we can provide you with a no obligation offer from our vast range of home loan plans.

  • You may borrow over any term (3 - 25 years) and borrow any amount (£3,000 - £100,000) for any purpose.
  • There are thousands of lending plans available.
  • Fast in principle decisions
  • We will consider all circumstances including mortgage arrears, county court judgments, defaults or a poor credit rating.
  • Professional service from expert underwritters
  • Loan plans for the self employed

    • All enquiries are treated on a 'No Obligation' basis, so why not give us a call or apply on-line NOW?

      Selection of Lenders

      With a wide panel of lenders we give visitors to the online guarantor loan website access to 100`s of plans ranging from loans with low APR`s as well as secured loan plans for those of us who may have a more adverse credit profile. With underwriter who have many years’ experience arranging secured loans they will look at your circumstances and discuss with you the options available, they will be able to find a loan plan that best suits your requirements.

      Loans For Bad Credit

      Secured LoansSecured loans are available for those of us who may have an adverse credit profile or existing debts. If you have missed payments on credit cards, existing loans or your mortgage, you may find it difficult arranging finance, we still may be able to help with loan plans available to cater for these circumstance. We may also be able to help if you CCJ`s again we specialized loans available to cater for your needs.

      Unsecured Loans vs Secured Loans

      Secured loans are used to borrower larger amounts than the unsecured options, unsecured loans have a typical maximum amount of around £15,000 while secured loans can go up to £100,000. Another difference is that unsecured personal loans may be available for both tenants and home owners, while secured loans are only available to people who own their own home. Because a secured loan is tired to a property they are often available for people with bad credit or for those of us who have been declined finance in the past. Another alternative for larger loan amounts is remortgaging, this is often a suitable option especially if you have little or no early repayment charges.

      Whatever the finance option you are considering contact us today and we will help you through the process helping answer any questions that you have,