Guarantor Mortgages

Guarantor MortgagesIn today’s world many want to be home owners have difficulty getting onto the housing ladder and need help from friends or family via a guarantor mortgage.

Guarantor mortgages are also often referred as parent mortgage, the use of these types of mortgages allows parents to help get on the property ladder, these mortgages are come in a variety of different options, these include gifted deposit mortgages where the parent puts the initial deposit for the purchase of the home giving their child a big step up on the property ladder.

Another type of family mortgage is where the parents set themselves as a guarantor, this means that if there is a missed payment then the parent is responsible for repayment of the mortgage debt. This can be used for those of us who may have an adverse credit rating, with help from a parent as a guarantor this could be used for those of us who may have difficulty getting approved for a mortgage.

Family Offset Mortgage

Guarantor Mortgages With this type of mortgage money is put into a saving account that is linked with the mortgage, the savings is deducted from the mortgage amount reducing the monthly repayments. This is becoming an increasingly popular mortgage option, the downside is that the money is often not easily accessible or if removed could significantly increase the mortgage payments.

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