£1,000 - £3,000 Loans

Here at online guarantor loan we have loan plans from £1,000 up to £12,000. Guarantor loans are a popular option for the smaller loan amounts between £1,000 up to £3,000. An alternative to unsecured personal loans guarantor loans are available to people who may find it difficult arranging finance, having been refused a loan from the bank or other personal loan lenders.

Because a guarantor loan is backed by someone who will take ownership of the loan if you miss payments or default on the loan, lenders are more comfortable accepting your loan application.

£1,000 Guarantor Loans

£1,000 can be used for many purposes, buying white goods or electrical equipment, taking a vacation or arranging a special occasion or big party. Whatever your needs or requirements we can help you get the money that you need

£2,000 Loan

Need A Guarantor Loan£2,000 is enough money to be used to buy a car, take a family holiday or make home improvements such as replacing your homes windows. When looking at arranging a loan an important question is how much you will be borrowing £2,000 cost and what are the monthly repayments. This will depend on the term of the loan and what interest rate (APR) you will be charged. The term of the loan can be controlled largely by yourself, the shorter the term the more expensive the monthly payments but the cheaper the loan will cost over the loan term.

When picking the length of the term it is important you are able to afford your monthly repayments. The second factor to affect the cost is the APR, this is calculated depended on your credit history and personal circumstances. If you have an adverse credit rating, missed payments on previous credit items, move house a lot or just started a new job, you may find yourself paying a higher APR. It is important to note that both you and your guarantor will affect the interest rate you will receive.

Example Cost of £2,000 Loan - If you borrow £2,000 over 3 years at an APR of 30% you will repay £84.90 a month and the total amount repayable will be £3,056.51. Representative 49.9% APR

£3,000 Loan

When you borrow £3,000 you are able to purchase many things including a newer car or make improvements to your home. A guarantor loan is available to both home owners and tenants. This includes the guarantor also being a tenant as well as the borrower; this means that guarantor loans are available to a large number of borrowers.

Refused a loan? We could still help.

As well as guarantor loans we are also able to give you access to other loan plans, including personal loan plans suitable for people with adverse credit profile as well as secured loans helping you borrow larger amounts.

Guarantor Loans Lenders

Online guarantor loan have plans from numerous lenders, giving you plenty of options, with loans for tenants or home owners with loan amounts all the way up to £12,000.

Whatever your circumstance we will endeavor to help you arrange the finance you require, giving you access to trained professionals who are able to help you through the loan process.

A loan suitable to your requirements

Arranging finance for specific needs, getting married? Want to take the trip of your dreams? Moving home? Or wanting to invest in your homes decor? Whatever your project, a guarantor loan could lets you implement it.

It's your choice:

With the guarantor loan, you can borrow from £ 1,000 to £ 12,000 over a period of 1-5 years, allowing you to budget your monthly repayments and set the duration of the loan best suited to your circumstances.

When enquiring for a loan via online guarantor loan, we will work with our lenders to process your application in a professional and efficient manner. With your funding being paid into your bank account once by the lender.