£7,000 to £10,000 Loans

Compare guarantor loansIn this category of borrowing there are less lenders available due to the higher amount being lent, but there is still a strong appetite to sort these advances for you and importantly there is enough competition in the market to make the lenders fight for your business. This helps keep rates to a sensible level and can assist in softening criteria so that you have more chance of being accepted for your loan than if the market was very small.

How Do You Obtain A Loan For £10,000?

In the personal loan sector there are lenders who will look at helping you borrow up to £10,000 even if you do not have a perfect credit history. If you are also offering to provide a guarantor for your loan this can help even if your credit is actually quite poor or challenged, or if you have not got a credit history at the moment. This is because the fact two of you are committed to getting the loan payments made is great comfort for the lender and the guarantors credit profile may well have a bigger impact on any lending decision than yours. Therefore having a guarantor may help you obtain the money you need if you have been declined elsewhere or perhaps are aware you may have difficulty getting a loan on your own merit.

Can You Get A 10,000 Loan With No Credit History?

It is a quirk of the loan market that having credit already or recently finishing of a loan actually may help you be accepted for another loan. This is because lenders can see your credit history and can favour consumers who have a track record of borrowing money and paying it back, which kind of makes sense but makes it harder to get started in the first place! Therefore the guarantor factor kicks in again as they may have a credit record which can help your cause. Remember guarantors can be relatives, friends or work colleagues. The main restriction is that they need an income and must not have a joint finance agreement with you already, e.g. a joint bank account.

Tenant Guarantor Loans

10,000 LoansBecause you have a guarantor these loans may be available to borrowers who are not homeowner, being suitable for both private tenants and council tenants. There are loans plans also available for those with tenant guarantors, although this may affect the loan amount available, at present the maximum loan amount for a loan with a tenant guarantor is £7,000, so if you need the £10,000 then you will need a homeowner guarantor, although we may have alternative loan plans available allowing you to borrow these larger amounts.

Loans Bad Credit With Guarantor

Guarantor loans can help those of us with a bad or adverse credit rating, so if you have previously been declined for a loan in the past, you may still be able to get finance via a guarantor loan. So if you are having difficulty arranging a loan why not get in touch with the online guarantor loans team who will be able to discuss the different options available to you. As well as guarantor loans we also have unsecured personal loan options suitable for people who have bad credit and no guarantor available.

Multiple Guarantor Lenders

Online guarantor loans have a selection of lenders available, because we have different lenders we have loan plans suitable for a whole host of circumstances, with plans available to both tenants and homeowners we select the lender that has plans that best match your requirements. As well as numerous guarantor lenders we also have lenders available offering unsecured personal loans as well as secured loans, enabling to give you an even larger selection of finance options available.

Loans For More Than £10,000

The current maximum loan amount we have available using a guarantor loan is £12,000, if you are looking to borrow even more than this then we do have other alternative options, these include personal loans available to a maximum of £15,000 as well as secured loans for homeowners with loan amounts up to £100,000. Another option for borrowing larger amounts is remortgaging your property, whatever your requirements our finance team are able to discuss the different options available, please don’t hesitate 0800 0839 623 to get in touch.